Our Unique Approach

We apply a multi-disciplinary approach to our projects: combining the best thinking from business, analytic psychology and neuroscience to address growing market complexity:

  • ENTERPRISE: Getting to the root cause behind a challenge or obstacle requires the ability to understand the full organization: from boardroom decisions to shop floor practices. Drawing on decades of hands-on business experience across countries and industries, we help drive the critical alignment between strategy (what you say) and operations (what you do).
  • ANALYTIC PSYCHOLOGY: Culture is the most powerful force running through an organization. It can be elusive, however, especially in times of change. Analytic psychology assesses and accesses the unconscious mind – a practice applicable to groups and teams striving to keep their culture at pace with the needs of the market.
  • NEUROSCIENCE: The NeuroLeadership Institute fosters collaboration between leaders of business and researchers who are critically attuned to how our brains and behavior are related. Changing Management is dedicated to helping enterprise leaders apply this knowledge of how people think, develop and perform.