Our Purpose

We are all adjusting to a new marketplace. Rewards are scarce, and reserved for those who optimize their forces, and ensure that those forces are pointing in one, clear direction. This market will tolerate the occasional mistake, but it has a zero-tolerance policy for waste, lack of clarity, and bad behavior.

Why govern well? It has become critical for communication and teamwork to become accelerators instead of liabilities. When a leader works to clarify a strategy, clean up group behavior, or commit to a solid governance practice, the positive momentum will affect operations, morale and public perception. Decisions begin being made well, on time, and by the right people. It’s not that business becomes frictionless – problems still show up every day – but an organization’s trauma in facing those problems goes away. The constant fire drill is replaced by a more sustainable tone, and the trickle-down is powerful.

Why manage change? The investments that companies make to improve performance are colossal; ensuring that those improved systems, processes and leadership practices will take hold and deliver their promised value, requires a thoughtful approach to the people who must change. Good planning and careful consideration of how people need to do their jobs in the “new world” will pay off in shorter learning curves, less rework, and business case numbers that actually look like the ones that were originally promised.

At Changing Management we believe that success requires a series of alignments. Between what leaders say and what they do. Between what is promised and what is delivered, both inside and outside the company. Between how we see ourselves and how others see us. Miscommunication, silos, politics and crises will always be a part of the fast-pace we have set for ourselves in enterprise. Approaching these challenges squarely, with strategy, values and teamwork, renders them solvable, and literally all in a day’s work.

We are eager to work with you. There has never been more opportunity to begin doing things the way they ought to be done. Reach out for a discussion of what might be in store for your company.