Governance Design and Implementation

Politics and gridlock are not reserved for government; these dynamics thrive in board rooms and workspaces as well. A well-designed, well-implemented governance structure furthers good, actionable decisions made nimbly by the right people. We carefully assess the nature and cadence of your most important decisions, reviewing your communication, organization and implementation process. Further, we make sure your governance is up and running effectively before declaring victory.

Change Management Program Development

New leadership, technology, process or regulation can create upheaval in an organization – even if the ultimate goal of changing things was to make them better. Organizations routinely invest heavily in improvements, but underinvest in their implementation. The result: disappointment, and a failed business case. There are straightforward approaches to getting people to take full advantage of changing conditions through early and enthusiastic adoption. We can help you choose the most direct route to galvanizing your organization as it prepares to make a change, leading to the results you expect and deserve.

Organization Assessment and Development

Too often organizations are evaluated on criteria that don’t measure up to a business standard. We take a very structured approach to evaluating whether your organizational practices, design and culture are doing their share to help your business achieve its goals. We evaluate people, process and technology to determine where your best improvement dollar should be spent, and we create a road map to get your organization working at full capacity.

High Performance Teaming

Today’s fast, unforgiving marketplace does not allow new teams, or changing teams, the time to gel properly. Groups that combat this reality by simply working “harder” risk burnout and additional changes in membership. We approach teamwork practically – no simulations, no ropes — we are alongside as you work. We define which of the best practices make sense for your specific team so that you can harness the full potential of your best people.


Creating the right agenda and environment is critical to getting group work done on time, with quality. We are experts at working with you to design important events, meetings and off-sites that achieve your purpose. We help you define your objectives, build your event and facilitate the proceedings so that you reap every benefit from your valuable in-person time with your team or colleagues.