Teams at war with one another re-focus the fight on the competition

Post-acquisition, sister brands of a multinational retail conglomerate were cannibalizing one another in terms of sales results and senior staff behavior.

A fire-drill culture, poor morale, and a sour tone cascaded through their siloed team environment.

Go-to-market processes were undefined or ignored, leading to high levels of rework, and inconsistent messaging in-market. Complicating this was an experienced, aging sales force relying heavily on their individual “instincts.”

Our Solution:

  • Reframe with holistic approaches to the marketplace and to top-team behaviors, using a “one-team, first team” approach
  • Build a team climate reflecting the new data-driven, agile, test-and-learn environment
  • Optimize the way the leadership team analyzed and reported the results of a newly efficient, resized organization
  • Taught and implemented Change Management principles when introducing next generation thinking to the old-school salesforce

The Results:

The new high-performance organization achieved material gains in the marketplace: data-driven analysis created faster and more responsive decision-making

Re-work came under control and in-market embarrassments stopped

Calmer, saner, more respectful teaming behavior created enthusiasm for executive collaboration that cascaded through their teams

Performance became the new measure of effectiveness, replacing the hero-mentality that had led to conflict and burnout in the past