About CMS

Since 2012, Changing Management has been helping Clients claim the full value of their investments in change and teams.

Even with a portfolio of smart, well-considered initiatives, you may discover organizational issues that introduce distraction, politics and anxiety into your teams. These things can prevent you from getting the returns they deserve. Organizational challenges can seem messy and unsolvable; it is frustrating and demoralizing to discover they will lay waste to otherwise well-planned deals and projects.

In fact, issues around people, culture and behavior are solvable business problems; we have the science of change and the science of teams to help us solve them. Not luck, not magic. Science.

Our decades of experience in the behavioral sciences combats the threats to your payback, and harnesses the power living in your top teams. We create safe, creative, and results-driven environments, where we make sense of the upheaval that can interfere with your results.

And when we are done, we will have built resilience into your organization, so you are ready for the challenges waiting just around the corner.

Together, we’ll be changing your management.

About Gordon

Gordon Robinson is the Founder and President of Changing Management. For 27 years, he has advised leaders of both private and public sector organizations, emphasizing the impacts on people and teams of upheaval in culture, process, leadership and technology. He has led projects in the telecommunications, health care, insurance, financial services, information, retail, transportation, and government sectors. Gordon has degrees from NYU, the Wharton School, and is certified in Organization Development/Change Management by Georgetown. His approach is influenced by the National Training Laboratories, the Tavistock Institute, and the Bushe-Marshak Institute for Dialogic Organization Development. He is trained in the Results-Based Coaching System of the NeuroLeadership Institute, an organization dedicated to encouraging, generating and sharing neuroscience research that transforms how people think, develop and perform. A founder of the Wharton International Network of Entrepreneurs, he has served as WINE’s Chief Facilitating Officer since the group’s inception during COVID-19.He and his family enjoy trying to keep two working adults, a dog and one car in the same location in New York City or Sullivan County.

Gordon Robinson